As They Say
Janurary 31, 2012

When we were young
Everything was just so
Up was up
Home was home
Buses came and buses went
Everything just was, to a great extent
Lying dormant under our collective animal skin
Life was a simple safety-pin

But as they say
“All good things must bend”
And so began the start of what we could scarcely comprehend
“Acceptable” became a privilege
Not a right
We tacitly agreed to this life of hesitation
Words were enemies
Mirrors, friends
Simultaneously in awe of the camera lens
Yet unwilling to be filmed whilst holding pens
Confined to the barbed garden of “Hot or not”
We developed secrets
Strings of sounds restricted
Our freedom of screech evicted
Confined to house parties to which none were invited
Too cruel for school
None could escape the awful rule

For as they say
“Do unto others as you could not bear done unto you”
When defence becomes synonymous with assault
There’s a clear path to hitting the asphalt
It’s judge or be judged by default
You must escape the mold
Don’t break it — that’s the way too many good ideas end up undersold
Choose your destiny — open sesame!
Be your own man when no one dares
Boycott this rotten state of affairs
Anti-hate demonstrations staffed as the world prepares
A new world order of acceptance
In which everyone cares

“All for one and One shall fall”
As they had said before the problems became inter-bred
Self-righteous gentiles by day
Human rights pacifists by night
Nonviolent extremists marching with
Occupy Library protesters
Fighting for the right to resemble
Shady figureheads in the shadow of battles worth fighting for
The Interpersonal Civil War
Keys chaste in locks of stone
Mindlessly encircling the holy throne

Sundays were formally declared “Reflection days”
Clamoring to buy pre-skipped rocks
Children gathered by the docks
Accepting the days gone by
Promises eternally unspoken
Their souls of atonement cracked and broke open
Collecting thoughts by the dime
They stood accused of a victimless crime
As they said in unison the words of the great vindicator
“All the world’s a stage, and each of us is a player-hater”