Performed at the Harvard SSP Talent Show
Janurary 27, 2012

I can’t bare to look at her
Black paint borders her face
Ever anorexically slimming with no end in sight
Each day is the same day
Selling out her body for a few cheap bucks
The price is whatever she can convince you to pay
In under ten seconds — the pitch is made
Another price dropped like a bomb on the unsuspecting cities of our minds
A sixth of a minute and it’s been slashed through and through
And before you can even think for a second or two
The price is falling, the price is falling!
Buy one, get chained for free
But do it soon before He comes back
He can’t bear another panic attack

She wants you to know the truth
It’s their fault
    They did this to me 
            Right there 
                Blame them 
            Accuse them 
        Deny them
    Decry them 
But whatever you do, don’t listen to them

Diseased, sick in the head
Pitting man against man
Paying him to see red
She would rather drug herself out on cheap laughs and quick tears
Not enough poverty on the streets
She must augment her fears

Lurking around from dusk to dusk
Filling the darkness with blinding emotions
Not enough problems to silence her hateful promotions
Forced to create
Elaborate solutions to problems that never existed
She bullies her friends who aren’t enlisted
The army of insanity only eats free ranged
Unwilling to realize they’re mentally deranged

The world outside is but one of her many personalities
Relegated to sensationalist headlines and lies
Telling you anything while muffling the cries
Money and power
Stuffed to the teeth
She buys back her health from fake doctors without licenses
Selling canned happiness and beauty-in-a-bottle
The needles, the lasers, the drugs
Over the counter and into the river
Buying happiness with coins, mugs, and gold
Dying and cold
Always an answer for every objection
Nobody can bear to pose the question:

America, how dare you watch television?