This is
April 28, 2012

This is not a love poem

Not some projection of affection packaged in an essay
        Starting with how our relationship is the definition of cliche
                Topped tastefully with an “I’ve never felt this way”
                And some store-bought sweet nothings (just for display)
        All tossed into some sugary scrumptious communique
I’ll save the wordplay souffle for another day, okay?

It isn’t for lack of caring, daring, or honesty, honestly
It’s not because I think it sounds silly
Or because saying your name makes my palms go chilly
        Because it isn’t, and they don’t

This is me going out on a limb

It’s just that I don’t always know what to say
This next line, for example
        The one you’re reading right at this time
Took me countless times to write
And in the end I settled for a cheesy rhyme

But really I think the point I’m trying to make
Is that it’s actually a good thing at heart
        ...not the settling part
Rather the realization of this strange art

This is you shaking up my system

I’ve no choice but to choose my words carefully for you
Consider how things sound from another point of view
And if it sounds like I’m being cliche, I’m not
Seriously — I even used that word before (in another spot)

All I’m saying is that I think you’re worth it
Even if I don’t always know what to say
Because if a thousand words could buy me a smile

This is me going the extra mile